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Eight great topics!  

Images must be taken between
​March 15 and May 24, 2018.  

Click here to download the rules and topics - then grab your camera and shoot your entries!

Please join us at our next meeting on May 24, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 502 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, PA 18071.  

May's speaker: 

Desha Utsick 

Desha Utsick grew up in Jim Thorpe and still lives there.
  She is a 1996 Moravian College Graduate in Business, with a BA.
In 2016, she left full time job to pursue photography and what comes with it.
She is basically self-taught in photography.
"Photography has helped me in life, in so many ways," says Desha, "and I would just love to pass that along to others to help make a difference. I don’t classify myself as a specific type of photographer. It’s really about my faith and appreciation in all that we have around us."

May's challenge is Look Up!  Things above your head

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We have been recognized for our 70 years of membership in the Photographic Society of America.  Only two other clubs are at the 70 year milestone.  In the fall of 2018, we will celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the Club.

Palmerton Camera​ Club

Moments from our March meeting

Wildlife Photography with 

Buddy Eleazer