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Upcoming Meetings                         

​​September 28, 2017 - Chris Karfakis, The Evolution of Photography          
What do you know about the earliest days of photography?  How did we get to where we are today?  Join history expert Chris Karfakis for a detailed tour through the history of photography, starting from the early 1800's.  Chris will exhibit some antique cameras and other equipment for us to check out.

When Chris was a little boy, his favorite uncle thrust a camera into his hands and told him to take the family pictures.  That camera remains in his collection today.  He particularly enjoys lectures on early photography as it relates to the antebellum period, the American Civil War, and the turn of the 20th century.  Chris is a member of the Photographic Historical Society, the Daguerreian Society, the Society for Photographic Education and the Penumbra Foundation: The Center for Alternative Photography.

Scavenger Hunt Results

​​We reclaimed the trophy!  Congratulations to our winners and thank you for your participation in our annual scavenger hunt.  There were many excellent images making the judge's job very difficult.   The judge was so impressed she chose to award  honorable mention to several photos in each category.  Check out the winning images on our members photo shoot page. 

Best -Interpretation

​1st place - Joan Zachary

​2nd place - Kristin Simmons

Best Overall Image

​1st place - Terry Flatt

​2nd place - Jean Perry

Category 1 - Light and Dark

​Winner - Terry Flatt

Honorable Mention - Eric Goins, Joan Zachery, An LeFevre, Connie Reinhart, Bob Reinhart, Ken Winham, Stephanie Masquia

Category 2 - Opposing Shapes

Winner - Bob Reinhart

Honorable Mention - Jean Perry, Laurinda Faye Rubin, Connie Reinhart

Category 3 - Textures

Winner - An LeFevre

​Honorable Mention - Alyssa Silliman, Connie Reinhart

Category 4 - Color

​Winner - Makenzie Silliman

​Honorable Mention - Kris Minnich, Laurinda Faye Rubin, An LeFevre

Category 5 - Golden Hour

​Winner - Jean Perry

​Honorable Mention - Terry Flatt, Lucky Freck, Makenzie Silliman, Michele Cronin

Category 6 - Macro

​Winner - Nanse Wolfington

Honorable Mention - Eric Goins​, Kris Minnich, An LeFevre, Connie Reinhart, Michele Cronin

​Category 7 - Architecture

​Winner - Stephanie Masquia

​Honorable Mention - Mackenzie Silliman, Lucky Freck, Karen Frankenfield,

​Category 8 - Black and White

​Winner - Kris Minnich

​Honorable Mention - Lucky Freck, Bob Reinhart, Karen Frankenfield, Ken Winham

​Category 9 - Frame in a Frame

​Winner - Kristin Simmons

​Honorable  Mention - Eric Goins, Gordon Perry, Lucky Freck, Michele Cronin

Category 10 - Free Form

Winner - Joan Zachary

​Honorable Mention - Bob Reinhart, Eric Goins, Connie Reinhart, Alyssa Silliman, Lucy Freck

Election of Officers

​Congratulation to our officers for next year. 

Lucy Freck - President

​Kris Minnich - Vice President

​Karen Frankenfield - Secretary

​Bev Steigler - Treasurer 

Many thanks to Jim Denicola for his hard work and enthusiasm over the last two years.  We look forward to working him again in the future.

Future Outings

Several photo shoots, listed below, are being considered for the future and we would like to know which trips interest you most.    You can also let us know by emailing us at 

Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville PA
Eckley Miners Village, Weatherly PA
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, Hopewell PA
Chanticleer Garden - Located outside Philadelphia

We would love to hear your ideas as well.

Club shirts
We have golf shirts in men’s and ladies’ sizes, tee shirts in adult sizes, and sweat shirts.  Colors are black or royal blue, both with a gold-colored logo.  An assortment of colors, styles, and sizes will be available at the meetings.  Contact one of the officers to place an order.

Hunt’s Photo 
Hunt’s Photo and Video, based in Boston, has agreed to be a sponsor of the Palmerton Camera Club.   Each month we will get advance notice of specials that we can pass on to our members in good standing.  The Palmerton Camera Club has no desire to tell you where to shop, we just want to pass on news of good deals.  In fact, if you want to opt out of the Hunt’s news, please let one of the officers know.

Remember to check your email for monthly specials available to members only through Hunt's Photo and Video