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​Good basic information!
ReviewLab Digital Photography Resource Guide - NEW!

20+ Cheat Sheets and Infographics for Photographers
Shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop
DSLR Manual Mode for Beginners
A Beginners Guide: Becoming One with Your Camera
CreativeLive - lots of great online classes!

The Best Indeed - photography resource

A Beginner's Guide to Exposure

A Beginner's Guide to Light Modifiers

Four simple ways to get sharper images - NEW!

Ten reasons why you should learn to love your tripod - NEW!

The five most essential camera settings and how to use them -NEW!

Autumn is almost over - but the holidays are here!!

8 Tips for better autumn shots

Autumn focus stacking and bracketing

Five tips for photographing in any type of weather - NEW!

Christmas photography tips -NEW!

​Four Tips for taking better holiday pictures - NEW!

​Top ten tips for better holiday photos - NEW!

Smartphone photo tips for the holidays -NEW!

More helpful links for all your photography projects

Best places to photograph in Pennsylvania (according to Loaded Landscapes) - NEW!

​How to photograph toddlers

​Fisheye landscapes
How to make money as an amateur photographer

Everything you need to know about Milky Way photography (video)

5 Tips for photographing the Milky Way

Six Steps to Better Nature Photography

Six Steps to Better Flower Photography

Light painting - how to give your model wings! - NEW!

How to make travel portraits - NEW!

How to shoot high traffic locations creatively - NEW!

Just for fun...

All the colors known to mankind!  (back in 1692)

A glamorous photo shoot - at the hardware store? - NEW!

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