Palmerton Camera​ Club

What We are on the Hunt for:

1.  A portrait of a statue

2.  A macro or close-up of kitchenware

3.  A landscape with a bridge

4.  Streetlights in sepia

5.  An abstract of a tree

6.  An apple in high-key

7.  A car in bold color

8.  Shopping carts in black and white

Identifying Pictures:

Pictures must be submitted in jpg format with the following label:

  •     Item #, initials of photographer, photo club.jpg
  •     Ex.  4ahlPOC.jpg

Pocono Photo Club members use POC

Palmerton Camera Club members use PAM


Besides basking in the glow of praise from your fellow photographers the following awards will be given:

  • Best overall set of photos for all 8 items
  • Best single photo for each of the 8 items
  • An award of the Judge’s choice
  • Honorable Mentions may also be given at the judge’s discretion (but no prizes are attached to these).


Scavenger Hunt 2019

HIGH-KEY is one of the categories in this year''s Scavenger Hunt

A good start on this topic is 
4 Tips for a Perfect White Background in High-Key

Pocono Photo Club Hosts this year's Scavenger Hunt.  They decided to mix things up a little this year with the combination of random items from a traditional scavenger hunt with a creative twist.  I am sure we will all enjoy it!  The competition will be judged by professional photographer Peter Gourniak (

Guidelines and Rules:

There are eight items on our list, each with a specific genre.
All photos must be taken between April 1, 2019 and May 23, 2019.
You do not have to submit a photo for all eight items but you can only enter one picture for each item.

You may crop and work on sharpening, exposure, contrast, and saturation ONLY.  No composites, layering, stacking, HDR, or additional textures or effects allowed.  In other words, you cannot ADD anything to your picture (even in camera with the exception of black and white or sepia).

Photos must be submitted in jpg format, 72 dpi, 200ppi.

Pocono Photo Club members turn in their pictures on CD or flash drive to Stroudsburg Foto by 4 pm, May 23rd.

Palmerton Camera Club turns in their photos on CD or flash drive at the May meeting (May 23rd).

Winners will be revealed at Pocono Photo Club meeting on June 18, 2019 as well as to the Palmerton Photo Club contact that same day.