We were on the Hunt for:

1.  A portrait of a statue

2.  A macro or close-up of kitchenware

3.  A landscape with a bridge

4.  Streetlights in sepia

5.  An abstract of a tree

6.  An apple in high-key

7.  A car in bold color

8.  Shopping carts in black and white

Scavenger Hunt 2019

Palmerton Camera​ Club

The results are in and the winner is POCONO PHOTO CLUB!!!

Below are the results.  Pocono Photo Club is working on a PowerPoint of all the pictures.  Once we receive it we will post it here so all can enjoy the great photos and creativity from members of both clubs.

Best Overall- Carrie Strohl

Best Set of Eight- Eric Goins; Honorable Mention– Lucy Freck

1. A Portrait of a Statue -  Winner- Jean Perry; Honorable Mention- Karen (and Bill!) Keenan

2. Macro Kitchen Utensil - Winner- Dave Frankenfield; Honorable Mentions- Jeannie Carl,  John Anzivino

3. A Landscape with a Bridge -  Winner- Maurie Harmon; Honorable Mentions- Jean Perry, Maryann Jenkins

4. Streetlights in Sepia - Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mention- Eric Goins

5. An Abstract of a Tree - Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mention- Lucy Freck

6. An Apple in High Key - Winner-Neil Boushell; honorable mention- Ann LeFevre

7. A Car in Bold Color - Winner- Ken Winham; honorable mention– Mystery photographer from Palmerton (toy car)

8. Shopping Carts in Black and White -  Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mentions- Jim Denicola,  Jason Stewart