Scavenger Hunt 2019

Palmerton Camera​ Club

We were on the Hunt for:

1.  A portrait of a statue

2.  A macro or close-up of kitchenware

3.  A landscape with a bridge

4.  Streetlights in sepia

5.  An abstract of a tree

6.  An apple in high-key

7.  A car in bold color

8.  Shopping carts in black and white

The results are in and the winner is POCONO PHOTO CLUB!!!

Below are the results.  Pocono Photo Club is working on a PowerPoint of all the pictures.  Once we receive it we will post it here so all can enjoy the great photos and creativity from members of both clubs.

Best Overall- Carrie Strohl

Best Set of Eight- Eric Goins; Honorable Mention– Lucy Freck

1. A Portrait of a Statue -  Winner- Jean Perry; Honorable Mention- Karen (and Bill!) Keenan

2. Macro Kitchen Utensil - Winner- Dave Frankenfield; Honorable Mentions- Jeannie Carl,  John Anzivino

3. A Landscape with a Bridge -  Winner- Maurie Harmon; Honorable Mentions- Jean Perry, Maryann Jenkins

4. Streetlights in Sepia - Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mention- Eric Goins

5. An Abstract of a Tree - Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mention- Lucy Freck

6. An Apple in High Key - Winner-Neil Boushell; honorable mention- Ann LeFevre

7. A Car in Bold Color - Winner- Ken Winham; honorable mention– Mystery photographer from Palmerton (toy car)

8. Shopping Carts in Black and White -  Winner- Carrie Strohl; Honorable Mentions- Jim Denicola,  Jason Stewart