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Upcoming Meetings 

​September 22, 2022                

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations to Palmerton Camera Club for winning the annual scavenger hunt. 


1 -A body of water -            Most Creative- Ray Roper, Pocono,                   First Place- Dave Frankenfield, Palmerton

2 - Bokeh -                           Most Creative- Connie Reinhart, Palmerton,    First Place- Kip Hoffman, Palmerton

3 - Gothic Architecture       Most Creative- Hannable Parrish, Pocono,       First Place- Sam Borso

4 -Rim Lighting                    Most Creative- Dave Frankenfield, Palmerton  First Place- Karen Frankenfield, Palmerton

5 - Animals wild/domestic Most Creative- Candace Roper, Pocono      Honorable Mention- Ray Roper, Pocono

                                             First Place Jason Stewart, Palmerton and Nancy Spencer, Pocono

6 - Black and white landscape  Most Creative- Jeannie Carl, Palmerton     First Place- Karen Frankenfield

7 - A table set for one        Most Creative- Ray Roper, Pocono                     First Place- Susan Bulanda

Topics for our monthly challenges

Check back later for new topics starting n September


​​Connie Reinhart - President

​Kris Minnich - Vice President

​Karen Frankenfield - Secretary

Connie Reinhart and Jason Stewart - Contest Coordinators

Jayne Krause Stevens - Field Trip Coordinator

​Bev Steigler - Treasurer 

Joan Zachary - Challenge of the Month Coordinator

Jeannie Carl - Facebook Coordinator

We're on Facebook!
The Palmerton Camera Club is now on Facebook - just search for Palmerton Camera Club, and request to join.  It's a closed group - once you're approved, you can post your images and photo tips, and read posts from other group members.  Inclement weather predicted for a meeting or event?  Check the website!