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​​This is the spot for helpful links and other photography resources.  

​Good basic information!

ReviewLab Digital Photography Resource Guide 

Shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop
DSLR Manual Mode for Beginners
A Beginners Guide: Becoming One with Your Camera
CreativeLive - lots of great online classes!

A Beginner's Guide to Exposure

A Beginner's Guide to Light Modifiers

Four simple ways to get sharper images

Ten reasons why you should learn to love your tripod

The five most essential camera settings and how to use them 

Top 5 Free Essential Photography Courses that will make you Shoot like a Genius 

Ten Steps to Better Photos

Exploring the Fundamentals of Light -

​The Digital Photography School Ultimate Guide to Photography for Beginners 

8 Elements that make Great Photography 

How to Photograph the Milky Way in 12 Easy Steps 

How I shot and edited this photo using only home lights

Tips for shooting landscape photography towards the sun 

Six Tips for How to Shoot Waterfalls 

How to make simple stickers from your photos 

8 Reasons you should try architecture photography 

Photography Tools to Help Find Stunning Locations

More helpful links for all your photography projects

Best places to photograph in Pennsylvania (according to Loaded Landscapes)

​How to photograph toddlers

​Fisheye landscapes
How to make money as an amateur photographer

Everything you need to know about Milky Way photography (video)

5 Tips for photographing the Milky Way

Six Steps to Better Nature Photography

Six Steps to Better Flower Photography

Light painting - how to give your model wings!

How to make travel portraits

How to shoot high traffic locations creatively

Get accent light right in your portraits

17 Best Podcasts for Photographers 

Great Portrait Advice from Award-Winning Photographers, part 1 and part 2 

Just for fun...

Why creative people sometimes make no sense 

All the colors known to mankind!  (back in 1692)

A glamorous photo shoot - at the hardware store?

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