Palmerton Camera​ Club

November Challenge - My Hometown

September Challenge - All Creatures Great and Small

October Challenge - Costumes

​​​​​​​Each month we challenge our members to share their images and  interpretation of a designated topic.  Here are the challenges for the rest of 2019 and into 2020!    Send your challenge image (one per member, please) to - thanks!

  • September 2019 =All Creatures Great and Small - We usually do some kind of a “how was your summer?” topic. Over the summer, most of us will run into some photographic creatures: bears, bugs, penguins, etc. Kids and grandkids also count. So do stuffed animals from the carnival.
  • October 2019 =Costumes - Because Halloween is right around the corner. Show us an alternate identity, yours, or perhaps someone you know. (Costumes do not have to be scary!)
  • November 2019 =My Hometown - No one has to travel far to find good subjects. What’s happening in your own back yard? What makes your hometown so special?
  • December 2019 =No monthly challenge (it's Salon Month)
  • January 2020 =My Photographic New Year’s Resolution - What’s your resolution this year? Make more pictures? Take a course? Finally learn how to use that macro lens your brother gave you? Represent your resolution in an image (resolution does not have to be related to photography).
  • February 2020 =I want candy! - Let’s see something sweet! That heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates? The bin of peppermints at the grocery store? Your kids making fudge? Be indulgent!
  • March 2020 = High key / low key - We ran into this in the 2019 Scavenger Hunt (some of us for the first time). No suggestions for this one. Look it up for yourself. 
  • April 2020 =Shiny objects - they’re everywhere! (And not always that easy to capture...)
  • May 2020 =The need for speed - show us movement. The faster, the better!
  • June 2020 = No monthly challenge (it's Scavenger Hunt month!)