Palmerton Camera​ Club

Pictorial Salon Winter 2018

December 20th will be our next salon. The subject will be “Pictorial Images”
All print images must be submitted by  November 15th to be eligible for the salon.
There will be two categories:  color images black& white

Questions? Contact Jeannie Carl @ or (570) 325-4336


1. Competition will be open to members only of the Palmerton Camera Club. Entrants must be members in good standing.

2. The images submitted must have been taken personally by the member submitting the images.

3. Any image that has won an award in any other Palmerton Camera Club salon/ competition is ineligible. Images that have won in other competitions may be submitted.

4. The competition shall be prints only.

5. Images will not be divided by subject matter. Entries will be divided by skill level of novice/intermediate (Class B) and advanced (Class A). Each skill level will havetwo categories – color images and black & white.

6. The purpose of our club is to foster creativity; therefore, not acceptable are images taken at club workshops or other instructional courses, studio set-ups at conventions, etc., in those cases where the work is not primarily of your own creation.

7. Prints can either be processed by the member either in a conventional darkroom, by computer output or can be processed at a professional lab.

8. Prints may be any size you wish UP to 16 x 20. HOWEVER, ALL prints must be mounted on a 16 x 20 single mounting board; overlaying mats are permitted.

9. Any print that contains foreign matter (front or back) that may cause damage to other prints will be disqualified. No frames, staples, glass, wire, hooks, open adhesives, etc. will be permitted on prints. Photographer’s name may not appear on the front of submitted images. (Grounds for disqualification)

10.Be sure to include your name, contact information (phone number or email address), title of print, and orientation (showing an arrow pointing up) on the back of each print. Also, what class you are in. If you are unsure, contact Jeannie Carl ( or (570) 325-4336) for that information.

11.Each member may enter 2 prints for each category (Color Images and Black & White).

12.All entries must be submitted to the salon chairperson before, but no later than November 15, 2018.

Class A and Class B

  • Class A is defined as a more advanced photographer or anyone having been promoted from Class B. Any member winning 3 awards in class B will be promoted to Class A.
  • Class B is defined as a photographer with skill levels of beginner or intermediate levels.

Important: Class designation is solely based on photographic skill and not computer skills. The Salon Committee has the right to over-ride class designation of any entry.

Pictorial guidelines

Pictorial photography is the use of the photographic medium as an art form. The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition, and technical excellence. Images in the Pictorial Division are not confined to any particular subject, type, or style of photography. Pictorial images may be manipulated on the computer or in the camera in any manner. There is no limitation on image manipulation.

The salon is for print images only.